TikTok Earning Calculations

TikTok users can increase and calculate their earnings and estimate their influence among the audience using calculators. TikTok Money Calculator estimates the earnings of the users who are categorized as influencers according to the engagement rate and followers in their accounts. The earnings vary with each Influencer, and also, it depends on the user’s hold over the app. Target audience, effective engagement, locations, profile ranking are the factors that play a major role in TikTok earnings.

How To Make Money As An Influencer

The user needs to be specific about the content which interests their followers. The first priority of the Influencer must be the optimization of the works and talents. When it comes to gaining more followers, consistency is the primary requirement. TikTok influencer calculator helps the Influencer know more about their performance in the influencing game.

The simple way for influencers to make money is directly seeking arrangements with brands. As people become popular on the platform, they are reached by the brands for the business propositions. Once the user gathers a thousand followers, he is prepared to get monetization out of TikTok.

Promoting Brands In The Videos

Promoting videos on other social media platforms, for example, if the user makes a significant income from YouTube, can bring his followers from the YouTube channel to TikTok platform. TikTok videos can be used to promote products that users sell in a different demographic. Hosting live videos and gathering tips from the viewers.

Methods To Calculate TikTok Engagement

Almost ninety-nine percent of the money calculators in TikTok use engagement formulas. From the analysis done from nearly 1 million TikTok profiles and observations of algorithms more than twenty-four months, the money calculator creates relative coefficients and all engagement factors to gain results. Then it is all multiplied by 100 to get the engagement percentage. Besides counting likes, comments, and shares, the TikTok algorithm also notes down the engagements like replays.

Feed Pixel

TikTok Money Calculator in Feed Pixel runs over the user’s profile activity, extracts every post, and calculates the average engagement from the last fifty posts. Each parameter is separately assessed by a high-speed algorithm within seconds before the final estimation is produced.

The number of likes, comments, and shares in the user’s account is matched with similar profiles of the particular niche to reduce the bias. Then the count is divided by the total number of views on all other recent videos of the user. Multiplying the final value by hundred provides the percentage estimate. Nearly five lakh influencers in TikTok have already started to track their earnings and engagement with Feed Pixel’s money calculator.

TikTok Influencer Earnings Calculator

Unlike YouTube, TikTok does not provide enough space to earn money through videos and ads. However, TikTok is in the progressive stage for biddable ads, and it is on the way for launch. Brands reach different influencers based on their niche or growth of the account. Currently, influencers contact brands for promotions. So if the user has high engagement and followers, they are eligible to gain a significant amount of sponsorship.

It is essential for an influencer to calculate the engagement rate, as it is highly accountable for brands. However, there is no standard procedure to calculate the engagement rate. Taking accuracy into consideration, TikTok Influencer Earnings Calculator devised an exclusive formula to measure account engagement. The formula adds the number of likes and comments and divides it by the number of followers. Multiply the final value by a hundred.

‘Exolyt’ TikTok Money Calculator

The User Interface of Exolyt is much interactive with features such as Trends, Premium, and Leaderboard, etc. Exolyt is an efficient tool that calculates earnings on the public TikTok account. Exolyt focuses more on influencer marketing as it is the best mode of earning money on the platform. The second preferred method is advertising through products and services. You can also buy TikTok likes which is also a major promotional form. 

Exolyt has reported that, on average, Super TikTok influencers can earn up to 160,000 USD by partnering with a single brand. Location, Target audience, profile engagement, profile niche are the factors that play a key role. Exolyt provides analytics tools to measure the growth of the super Influencer. Exolyt is free to use an earnings calculator. It is interactive and has great inbuilt features.