Hidden Features On TikTok

If the user is available with limited bandwidth and wishes to save every ounce of data, the data saver in TikTok cuts down cellular data consumption effectively. But the user needs to compromise with the lower resolution of videos and may also take a bit longer to load. However, videos will switch to the higher resolution and load faster when the mobile device is connected to Wi-Fi. TikTok coins can be purchased with real money and can be saved as in-app currency. With the collected coins, the user can search Emojis and Diamonds to give someone an appreciation for their effort. TikTok coins, once purchased, are stored in the user Wallet, and it is non-refundable.

Hide Comments

While social networking sites are amazing for checking the cool stuff, and they provide the necessary support to one’s creativity. They are also a paradise for full-time trollers and entertainment seekers. And often, if you had to go through thick and thin of the abusive comments, the comment filters option shows up as a savior for you. This feature allows you to hide comments by specific keywords on your videos. Click the privacy and safe option in the top right corner and scroll down to select the comment filters option. Then, enable the switch for Filter Keyword and then include keywords.

Choose Songs From Other TikTok Videos

When you have no idea about the sound to be used in TikTok, it is quite simple to include sounds and songs from other creative TikToker to your videos. When you happen to find a TikTok with an attractive sound, click on the icon in the bottom right corner of the screen that resembles a record. On the screen that pops up, you can view all the videos that included this sound. To add the music to your video, click “Use this sound, “which appears in the bottom center of the screen. Then you will be directed to the TikTok recording screen. As you begin to record your video, the sound will play so you can do a lip-sync video or anything you wish to perform with the sound. 

Translate Comments Instantly

When you are stuck up with a comment on your videos and couldn’t understand when they are written in a foreign language, TikTok hacks provide a rescue. TikTok comes in-built with a translator that allows you to quickly translate a comment. To discover the option, head over to the comment which you wish to translate. Click and hold on it and select the Translate option in the popup. Voila is an app that will quickly translate the comment in the language that the user sets in the app or the device.

Enables Text Display At Specified Points

Sometimes you want texts to appear in your video only at a specific point. This can be enabled with TikTok. Create a text box on your TikTok by clicking the icon “Aa.” Type the text you want inside and click Done. Select the duration by tapping on the text again. There you will view a new screen with all the frames from your video along the bottom.

There appears a red bar that can be dragged and dropped to select the beginning and end of the where you want the text to appear and the duration (1-second minimum). Press the checkmark when you are satisfied with the way it is set up.

The text will then show up in your video at the point you want it to appear. Similarly, you can set the duration for each text element you have included in your video to create an incredibly awesome TikTok.

Choose Your Partner For A Duet

Whenever the user wishes to unleash videos on TikTok with lip-smashing flicks to send to the video-sharing site. Also, it enables them to win a ton of hearts and lovely comments. When the user wants only certain people to duet with their video, they can take a hypersensitive move with TikTok. The user can shield the videos from people who usually utilize other creativity to promote their unseen propaganda. Thereby the user can select the ‘privacy and safety’ option in the bottom right corner, scroll down and choose ‘Who can duet with your videos,’ and select ‘friends’. If you can’t find a duet, you can buy TikTok likes which will make your TikTok videos popular and will help in finding the pair.