Innovative Methods To Use Instagram Stories Polls

Do you need to gain more engagement on your Instagram page? Are you glancing for a method to gain authentic feedback from your audience? Start to make a Poll on your Instagram Stories, which can be a perfect method to pull your audience’s attention and connect with them. However, it lets you grab the heartthrob of the audience in an amusing and interactive approach. Suppose you are not influenced by Instagram stories polls, then it’s the right time to dive into it. There are two types of poll stickers where you can make use of your Instagram stories to kickstart with. You can also include two customized options or choose emojis for your Instagram stories poll. 

When you are new to using Instagram, story polls are the best method to bring out the best results. Here is a quick guide to support your profile. 

Creative Methods To Use Polls In Instagram Stories

Since the start of the Instagram polls feature, brands are coming up with innovative methods to enhance their engagement using this feature. To elevate your creative aspect, let us review a few ways to use polls in your Instagram stories. 

1. Display Your Supreme Products

It’s the first rule for Instagram marketing; when you need to market your products, you should withstand the interest to go beyond the marketing. Let your product do everything about promoting and sponsoring your business brands. Instead of simply listing every practical feature for your product, reveal the experience of how using your product feels so. Instagram is one of the visually grabbing platforms as it serves as the perfect place to display what you are marketing, doing, or works on this. 

For example, the American casual dining restaurant chain, outback steakhouse, influences this method to display images of their tasty dishes and drinks. Their latest Instagram stories prompted the audience if they desired their “Salted Caramel Cheesecake” or “Chocolate Thunder From Down Under” dessert best. Moreover, the Instagram page has frequently pitted two of their famous dishes over one another. 

Not even directly advertising it, they marked up the leading food they have an offer. Moreover, polls work as they are creative, interactive, and amusing. It’s mainly a helpful technique if you are starting a new product or need to boost the online visibility of a particular product. You can also add a discount code to enhance sales. 

2. Motivate Your Followers To Make A Stance

It’s no secret that audiences are now grabbed towards brand values and trust as similar to their products. As a fact, 64% of audiences over the globe consider brands’ trust while shopping. Suppose you are not displaying your brand’s values; you are finally going to lose out on audiences. Polls are a perfect method to notify audiences of what you should trust, where you can motivate your customers to perform their process for important causes.

For example, Refinery29, a digital media and entertainment brand posted many Instagram stories enclosing the global climate strike in New York. To expand brand awareness about the event they buy Instagram reels views and then they prompted their followers to understand why hundreds of school kids were skipping school using Instagram poll. 

3. Prompt For Feedback

Suppose you need to improve; you should listen to sincere feedback intently. Instagram polls make it simple for you to identify what your audience thinks about your products. For example, Austria-based chocolate company, perfection chocolates performs polls to get a few faster feedback. It’s a simple method to measure the audience’s reaction. You can prompt for input on various products, your delivery service, or even event ideas. You can gain as much creativity as you need. Of course, you might not always get the expected outcomes. But, for a longer time, it can assist you to know your audience in the best manner. 

To make this method more effective, you can also share another post where you prompt the choice. Motivate your followers to be direct so that you can increase their audience experience. 


Recently, Instagram is jazzing by including an element of amusement to the platform. Polls can lift your Instagram Stories to an upcoming level. They are simple to make, interactive, and don’t need much thought or time to invest. It’s why they are a perfect method to engage your audience on Instagram. By polls in Instagram stories, you can display your new products and even prompt your audience for genuine feedback.