Ad Targeting Options In TikTok

TikTok is a rapidly evolving global destination for precise mobile videos among millennials and GenZ audiences. The visual application enables creators to share videos for up to sixty seconds with built-in filters and music effects that have transformed the marketing world with tremendous vitality, wrapping up nearly five hundred million users globally. Targeting is a crucial aspect in every marketing strategy and a significant component for the campaign’s success and to buy TikTok likes. The targeting options in TikTok are segmented into device, audience, and demographics.

Age: Since the platform concentrates much on younger generations’ habits and interests, it makes sense for age groups above fourteen.

Language: TikTok offers an extensive list of languages to attract an audience from various cultures.


  • After registration, users can select their interests under categories: Animals, Gaming, Sports, Comedy, Travel, Beauty and Style, Daily life, Fashion Accessories, Pop Culture, DIY & Life Hacks, Satisfying and Oddly.
  • These are preliminary categories in TikTok to identify the type of content that needs to be served first. As the user gets into the app, it studies the actual interests, and those will be considered for future ad targeting.
  • The Interest option is classified into Interest Targeting and Behavior Targeting. Interest targeting works by machine learning, and behavioral targeting studies the user activity on the platform.

Creating Ad group

  • Businesses can choose profile images, display name, URLs, and modes of user engagement in their ads. They can also make use of automated creative optimization in TikTok, exclusively developed for small businesses. This feature basically develops ads using copy, images, and videos that consistently.
  • Businesses can pick their audience targets based on interests and demographics. They can create custom audiences based on website traffic, customer files, previous ad engagement, or app activity.
  • To create a custom audience from website traffic, businesses need to install the TikTok pixel on their website. The pixel supports optimizing ads and connects the ads’ success according to the customer behavior on the brand’s website.
  • Brands can choose between a lifetime budget or a daily budget. They can also set up their bidding plan.

Creating Ad

  • Businesses can upload ad creatives either as images or videos. TikTok will convert still images into videos. Also, advertisers must adhere to ad creative guidelines in TikTok.
  • They need to place ad text and appropriate calls to action.
  • Businesses can send their ads for review. TikTok verifies each ad with the checklist of their guidelines.

Best Methods For TikTok Advertising

  • Though sharing creativity is TikTok’s mission, brands need to be considerate with the ads, such that they do not make it creative at the expense of their brand identity.
  • Businesses need to be consistent with their ad creatives’ brand image and resonate with their target audience.
  • It is said that the best practice for businesses would be to stay faithful to their story, conveying in their style and also considering TikTok’s unique format- ensuring the ad content is authentic.

Wise Choice Of Influencers

Creators who partner with brands to convey their message to the audience are Influencers. If they choose the right Influencers, they will see huge returns on their ad spend. Following are the essential criteria while selecting the Influencer.

  • The Influencer needs to be an expert with the brand’s niche.
  • The brands need to consider the engagement metric and follower count of the Influencers.
  • Though the brand is local or national, they need to ensure whether the Influencer’s core audience can access their products.
  • The brands can identify Influencers on the discovery page by just entering a topic in the search bar. By clicking the Influencer profile, brands can find their engagement rate and follower count right away.

Smart Video Soundtrack

It is a creative tool provided by TikTok that automatically pairs with suitable music for the video. Music not only adds fun to the video but also makes it discoverable among the viewers. This is because TikTok displays the track that is running in a scroll on the bottom screen. Users can find the other videos from the scrolling track, like the ad that contains the same music. It is a kind of audible hashtag. The brands can even test with multiple tracks to see which music performs best for the ads. With enormous ad formats, targeting capabilities, and event tracking options, TikTok is a viable option for advertisers aspiring to attract younger audiences.