My Mortgage statement was rubbish. So we fixed it.

My mortgage statement makes no sense to me.  This has been pissing me off for quite some time.

Individually, this is only an issue for me.  But collectively, if we don’t understand our finances, it is a massive issue.  ***cough… GFC… cough**

So, Tom and I nerded out and fixed it:


The Mortgage Statement Fix from Tom Nelson on Vimeo.

Download a description of the redesign here, including the original statement and our prototype.

It does make you think; Do Westpac and other banks actually want informed customers?  Certainly if we can make such a difference in a short time you have to conclude they could at least try harder.

This is the biggest and most professional thing we’ve ever done.  Please give us some love (reblogs, tweets, shares) if, as we hope, we are worthy. 

Maybe tweet at us or follow along @humansindesign

Love to know what you think.


- Tristan

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