Humans in the Design of Money

A primary theme emerging with Humans in Design work is using design to help influence people about money for good.

Or more specifically, spending and saving - money is the vessle for this activity.

Here are some of our posts:

Why did we put graphs on a mortgage statement?

Who cared that we put graphs on our mortgage statement?

How can we get from graphs on mortgage statements to a cashless society?

Does the design of cash matter?

Why would you get a tattoo of a 50c Coin?

What do cheque cashing stores teach banks?

Why keep the cash in digital?

If we don’t design payment systems to suit our true goals we’ll consume ourselves.

Will the interface new interfaces of payment shape our future?

Simple banking in a complex world.

How to kill the cash habit.

Private debt is a massive and increasing becoming THE economic issue in places like Australia and the US.  These are the accumulated decisions made everyday by all of us.

Currently almost all bank design is centered around efficiency.  PayPal, PayPass, internet banking; it’s all about being quicker and easier.

We feel the an opportunity is being missed. Design alters behavior.  Why not use the design of banks and money in the 21st century to improve decisions? If we don’t, who knows what behaviors we will create.

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