Humans in Design is Tristan Cooke and Thomas Nelson.  We met whilst working together at a University in Australia.

Tristan works in Customer Experience and Service Design for the National Australia Bank.  He live in Melbourne, Australia.

Tom works as a User Experience Designer with Amazon. He lives in Seattle, USA.

Do we have to tell you that this is a personal blog and in no way represents the views of our employers? I mean, we are actual people with opinions? Okay I guess we do. Whatever you see on this site is just us putting stuff in the world. Of course it doesn’t represent the views of our employers.

Here is a video we made awhile back when we thought we might work together. Our lives took us in separate directions but we use this blog as a way to keep talking about using design for meaningful change.

We aspire to work towards positive change through considered design.

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See Tristan’s academic publications here.

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Email us at tristan@humansindesign.com or tom@humansindesign.com if you think you have an interesting opportunity.

Our inspirations include:

Dieter Rams - 10 Design Principles

Ev Rogers - Diffusion of Innovations

Tim Harford - Trial, Error and and The God Complex

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